This game is in a very early state. Support me and give me some feedback to help the development!

[Controls below]

Chose your skills and fight your opponent! You can either play against a Bot with 3 difficulties or against a friend on the same keyboard. Master the hardest difficulty to become a true ninja!

Each skill features different playstyle and effects. Beware to choose wisely, since different skills have other Damages, Costs or Projectile Speeds!

Your Ninja will generate mana over time to use skills.

Double tap on the move key to dash a short distance and dodge skills, this move requires mana to use!



Player 1:

Move - A + D

Skills - C + V + B


Player 2:

Move - J + L

Skills - Arrow keys (left, down, right)


Skill descriptions: (while there are none in game)

- Tier 1

Kunai: simple, medium speed attack

Nail: fast, low cost and low damage

Poison: higher damage over time but slower than the Kunai

- Tier 2

Double Shuriken: good spray/zoning and high damage when hitting both

Explosive Kunai: dealing damage on impact and also releasing an explosion. Direct hits are stronger.

Thorn: fast Projectile with low damage but stealing a small amount of health.

- Tier 3

Fireball: slow but highest damage in the game.

Ice Shard: fast after a small delay and freezes the enemy on hit.

Ghost: making you for a short duration un-hittable.


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Fun game, I didn't try the 2 Player mode, only the solo one but it was cool !

Thank you for trying it!

I will someday release it in playstore when I finished a story mode ^^