Development started 01.01.2017

Last Update: 04.01.2017

Choose your character, map and press ready.

The first to kill his opponent 3 times win the match!



Attack 1: Light mid range plasma shoot

Attack 2: Strong long range plasma shoot

Attack 3: Heavy plasma beam with long charge time but also massive damage and range.

Attack 4: Leaping into the air and then striking into the opponent to knock him back


Attack 1: Light mid range spark attack

Attack 2: Charging flamethrower attack with very high damage when fully hit

Attack 3: Fire trap with long stun on hit.

Attack 4: Turning into a wheel of flames and dashing a short distance. Bouncing off the enemy on collision.

NEW "Bow"

Attack 1: Mid range arrow shoot

Attack 2: Long range poison arrow which poisons the enemy and deals high damage over time.

Attack 3: Charging to shoot a target searching flame-arrow with very low damage. If the opponent ist poisoned, it will additionally deal massive damage after a short duration.

Attack 3: Backroll with jump. Throws a beartrap which cages the enemy for a long duration (he can still attack you) and poisons him.


"Space" - Simple Paintball-like map

"Jungle Rumble" - Fight on/between 2 trees. Don't try to hide behind them!

"Magma Chamber" - Map with floating magma on the edges and also a pool of magma in the middle. Don't fall into it!

"Destiny Towers" 3 Towers without space between them. Don't slip into the abyss!

More character and maps soon... or suggest me your ideas!

Musik by Eric Matyas (

Sounds made with -> (


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Really fun game and easy to understand;  Good job

Thank you! Did you try my main game? ^^

1. When it's mirror fight (Red vs Red, Green vs Green, Blue vs Blue) always win Player 1 because even when Player 2 kill him Player 1 get point..

2. After Alt+Tab Player 1 hangs and keyboard isn't working

3. Window name instead Square Fighters is.. New project

That's all errors which I have found :P

1. Hm strange, shouldn't be that hard to fix

2. Alt + Tab. Don't know how to fix that :D. But you could just press escape to exit the fullscreen, too.

3. Which window do you mean exactly?

Here is link

Could you add a message for when the game ends with a score of 3-3 (a simple "DRAW" should suffice). tested by deliberately sending both into the abyss of Destiny Towers.

Thank you for the advice, I am gonna implement it! :)

(working on a mobile game right now so I do not have much time)

Update 1.2

  • Different musik for each map
  • New maps "Magma Chamber" and "Destiny Towers"
  • Slower falling while casting an attack midair

In work: 4th Attack for every character, more mobility focused

Update 1.1

Sounds and musik added!

New character "Bow"

New Map "Jungle Rumble"