Devlog 2 - New Character "Belle", Arel and Sparrow reworks...

New update is now published! :)

This time a bit more documentation for anyone interested in this.





  • 3 => 2 minions per wave
  • minions can't go into each other. They will now block other minions from going throw.



  • damage upgrade effectiveness halved
  • speed upgrade effectiveness halved



  • coins are now bouncing when multiple of them are overlapping
  • bug fixes where you only get 1 coin while collecting many coins which are overlapping
  • kills dropping more coins now


Bot KI:

  • is now smarter against certain attacks
  • is now able to move in the lower part of the map



  • you can now jump after leaving a platform without jumping off it
  • fall speed lowered => you stay longer mid-air




!NEW! Belle:

J/L - Shoots a thorn out of Belle's flower staff which explodes and deals area damage. 

K - Throws a vine which snaps to the enemy on hit, dealing damage and slowing him. When stayed connected for 1.5 seconds, deal additional damage and stuns the enemy.

I - dashes into the air and drops a seed bomb. The bomb will explode after a while and unleashes an explosion. When you hit the bomb with a thorn, it will explode immediately and deal higher damage in a bigger area.



  • Complete redo of the walk and sword animations. 
  • Sparrow has the highest base damage now.

J/L - has a longer cast time. Range increased.

K - longer cast time. Stun increased, damage lowered.

I - now gives speed while active.



J/L -  *****

K - bonus damage on I+K combo lowered. cooldown increased.

I - damage lowered. Cooldown lowered. Slow lowered.



  • Base speed and damage lowered

J/L - Slow lowered, range increased.

K - damage lowered, bonus damage on all 3 hit increased.

I - bonus speed lowered.



J/L - *****

K - ******

I - Stun increased.



J/L - *****

K - Stun lowered.

I - damage lowered.



J/L - shoots 2 => 6 bullets, which deal a total of 120% of his damage.

K - radius halfed. It will now stick to the enemy when hit or when he runs throw it. Damage lowered, slow on collision added.

I - Stun duration  increased. Throws it now into the air rather than right on the floor.


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What do you think of adding a 2v2 or 3v3 mode with 2 towers?

It's too bright but not bad. Still need more melee characters though especially a tanky one

Yes, I am planning a somehow tank as the next character.

Weakes character ever

Yes, I also think she is quite weak.

That's because I gave her too much in the beginning, and nerfed her after that a couple of time...I will definitely buff her.

How do you like her design as a whole?