Devlog 6 - New champion Kumihu added!



A mystic fox-girl, carrying around an magic orb while charming her foes!

Primary attack: (J, L, left click)

Sends out a spirit-projectile out of her orb. Normal attack speed.

Secondary attack: (K, right click)

Throws out her orb and returns it back to her. Deals damage on both ways, but damage is reduced against minions.

Ultimate: (I, mouse wheel, shift)

Dashes briefly and enhances Kumihuorb, making it glow pink.

The next primary attack will consume the enhancement, sending out a charming blast. If hit, the enemy will run towards you, making him an easy target.


You need to combines both her primary attack and  her skill set. Though she got a very high burst with charm -> orb, it won't be enough to take down the enemy. 

She got high waveclear with both her abilities and can easily escape from her enemy using the combination of dash and charm.

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Aug 09, 2018

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