Devlog 5 - Bunninja visual update and more shop options [...]

Hey, this is my 5th devlog after a while now, so quite a few things are not listened here (such as Poppy)


Attack Speed and Cooldown Reduction added in the shop.

  • Attack Speed will make your primary attack (J/L/left click) faster.
  • Cooldown Recution will reduce cooldown of your secondary and ultimate (K/I/Right Click/Mouse Wheel)



Complete new animations and model for Bunninja. 

Lowered the stun of "I" to give him shorter animation times and more slow on his "K".

Should feel smoother to play now.


Massive Movement speed DECREASE. Penguins can't walk fast.

"I" now gives more movement speed to compensate the base-speed nerf.

K now slows longer but stuns shorter.


Your primary attacks now also deal bonus damage, when the enemy is marked by the volley "I".

Charging arrow is now faster and has more range but deals less damage.


Updated model textures and idle animation pose.

Her I bombs can no longer be manual triggered but now explode much earlier.


Updated model textures and idle animation pose.

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Aug 04, 2018

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