Devlog 4 - Fine tuning, KI logic, Balancing


General Changes:

Updated the KI logic, now he will be much smarter in destroying turrets.

Both turrets got a visual update.

"Win" and "Lost" pop-up updated.


Champion Changes:



K Skill:
Animation updated. (both skins)
K delay reduced: 0.75s => 0.5s
Damage (2nd instance) reduced: 0.8 => 0.6 per shuriken (total 2.4 => 1.8)
Slow increased => 15 => 20 (total 45 => 60)

I Skill:
Animation updated. (both skins)
Stun reduced: 0.75s => 0.6s
Missile speed: 180 => 250

Bunninja felt quite clunky, now he can throw out his combo and deal his damage faster, with the cost of nerfing the damage a bit.



K Skill:
Damage per shard: 0.9 => 0.75
Bonus dmg for all 3 hits: 5 (flat) => 10 (flat)

I Skill:
Slow removed
Duration: 2 => 2.5
Damage: 0.75 => 0.5

Basically the Teemo of this game. 
Easily able to kill with 1 combo in the later game. Now he will have some more early damage but looses scalings.
Also the slide ability gave him way too much at once, it is easier to balance things around less aspects. (so slow got removed)



I Skill:

A visual mark added for the debuff. (when you hit the arrow rain (I), the enemy is slowed and marked. When you hit him with your big arrow (K) he will receive bonus damage)



K SKill:

Damage reduced: 1.75 => 1.5



K Skill:

Range increased.

Damage increased: 2 => 2.2

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There is a UI on top of the screen that doesnt do anything ._.

Oh yes, it's an old bug already and I was too lazy to fix it ^^

It should actually show the bot's health and stats when in range.