Devlog 3 - Added: Orianna, Belle changes, Browser version again

This update does not contain as many number changes as the previous update

Select screen and HUD were remade and look way prettier now.


!NEW! Orianna:

The new champion Orianna, arrived. It's a champion from League of Legends.

J/L: Simply throws out a piece of her clockwork. Medium attack speed.

K: Orianna is followed by her mech-ball. Casting K will send the ball into your facing direction and leaving a slowing and damaging shockwave on arrival. Hold K to send the ball further away or only press it to cast it directly in front of you.

If the ball is not attached to you, you will call it back when activating this skill, leaving a shockwave on it's current position.

I: Creates a disturbing shockwave at your ball's position. The shockwave will damage enemies and pull them into it.



J/L: *****

K: *****

I: Now throws out 3 seed-bombs instead of 3 but dealing less damage per bomb.


Plans for future update:


* Visial overhaul, especially of the older champion models (Riven, Varus, I'ceat)

* File and code minimizing 

* A new champion based on classic League of Legends champions

* Skins for Arel and Belle

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Nov 18, 2017

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