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Please come back with the doom bots!

They will be soon added after Danius releases game on Steam

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I hope the online button works on mobile 

I like the new updates, and that Hero Kira does not have a gameplay of yours and a Patch note of her...

Where can I find the apk of this?? i cant find it in the download section

She is actually in the new trailer I released. I am releasing the game on steam first and want to make a mobile version after that. 

Are you on the Discord server? I posted the notes for Kira there, too!

It would be so fun online 2v2!! btw i like the game


Thank you! 

I'm currently focusing on making the online mode work as it is, maybe 2vs2 will follow when I release the game on steam!

How do you play online multiplayer? Which button to press? Your update is amazing, keep it up XD!


Just click on "Online" and you create or join a room!

It does not work on mobile. Android in my case. ;-; I can't read the abilities in the champion select as it doesn't show up after clicking.


Ah yes, the mobile version is super buggy. I didn't update it for a long time, might need to look at it again soon.


Love the new update! Ceiling feels a bit low, though.

I added an Online Mode for the download version, try it out! (might need someone to play with, because there won't be any players. It's also super buggy still.)

I don't need sleep I need answer.

The random champs are because they need to be in the scene at least once. Probably is too near to the play field. ^^

Glitching over walls ist a problem with a few champions, when they dash. Especially over smaller walls like the top. 

Oh and the turret laser destroys itself too late somehow... I had this bug quite a while already but always had more important things to fix, so I always forgot about it. Sorry for the few updates, I am taking a small break. When my motivation for the game is back up, I'll want to update it again! 

Hey, I updated the game! If you want to read more about it, you can join my Discord where I post my news!

so, great game! I actually have a tournament every friday for the family business I work at, GTG Gaming Cafe! I have a few requests though. 1 - Can you make a control scheme so we can change controls? 2 - Can you make a new yin-yang character? 3 - Can you make an online mode somehow? 4 - I LOVE THIS SO MUCH thanks

Hey, thanks for playing! Control scheme probably won't come, but I did consider trying it. 

Online is not possible anymore. It's really complicated, adding an online to an existing game. Especially with the engine I'm working with.

New characters will come if I manage to finish the test. I took a small pause from the game and want to focus on existing things. 

okay, Thanks! I appreciate the reply!

Hey there, I'm Tiago, also Lola, I'm interested in create a real browser multiplayer game base on lol, could you help or give some ideas?

if you could just post the codes, can help everyone to create their own version

game như loz djt con mẹ

Hi, I'm using Ubuntu Studio and a generic gamepad and I can't upgrade nor using the standard attack. Can you help me?Awesome game!

Thanks for reporting! 

Oh yes, gamepad support is super outdated already... Might need to look over it again soon!

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i found something

i found a way to go to the shrine thingy(in single player mode)

if you do doing bunninja v bunninja

at the mid let your bunninja enemy use ult to you then quickly press down to trap enemy bunninja to the 2 player barrier zone something

after that you use your ult to enemy bunninja and press ult again to tp to the shrine thingy

Thanks! I fixed the bugs with Bunninja on my version finally, will be on the next update!

dude. this game is freaking epic. very well done. I'm addicted! I am very interested in this side scroll moba style now. Would you be willing to have a conversation about how you built your AI?


Thanks! You could join the Discord channel or just write me there, if you want to. 

The KI isn't really that complex, though. 

awesome! I will do that! Thank you for getting back to me!

I wonder why cannot download this version like the previus ones!

It wasn't finished to upload yet. The new update is coming soon, too. 

Waiting for Puppeteer :>

make a community hero that has an ultimate that if it hits an enemy hero the other skill resets

It's 224 days ago, but still player 2 can't play other heros such as poppy.

I like how Bunninja is like Hayabusa/Gusion(my main) from Mobile Legends. I like your work... Keep it up

Thanks for playing the game!

Btw bunninja has a bug. his K just shoots it out far witout returning.

I love this game so much! Keep it up Danius!

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I just have some questions

Will there be :

a item shop from Local?

level up system?

better jungle :P

built-in multiplayer

new mode with 3 towers, inhibitor and nexus

account for saving progress (and of course buying champions and skins)

hextech chests ;P

why don´t you make a single player jungle farm mode

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i just came back to check, 

:000 new hero!!

but they're still locked for p2 ( except Orianna )

Im making a fan art for one of the community heroes ^.^

man looking at my old comments make me sick xD

Hey, thanks for re-visiting ^^

Yes, I was focused on the new champion and on updating the visuals in my game, to make it more polished.

Tell me when you are finished with the art. :)

Hey bro do you have a download link for pc? or Windows? ive try'ed to download all the links you have but no one works. I really like your game ill support it. But please put a link for windows.

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There are 2 files for windows, either 32 or 64. 

But you'll need to unzip them with WinRar or 7Zip (or some similar software) first. 

Loving this game, the AI's kinda OP, I dunno... Make the AI more realistic tho. By the way, I love how you created Bunninja (it's like Zed from LoL and Hayabusa from ML), and he's so OP just go pure AD. 


Creating a good AI is always quite difficult, especially because to it's hard for me to judge the strength for never players (since I am basically playing it for 3 years) 

I love the game but what you're doing is illegal, you can't use others work aka characters for profit. You can get a lawsuit. I've seen companies especially Disney copyright others works, no matter how small. Love the game but i suggest making edits to the characters so they cant take stike you. UwU

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Hey, thanks for the feedback

I am NOT making profit out of it, as the whole content is free to play. Everything I do is completely legal here, I contacted Riot games already. 

Add Neeko please :D

Neeko <3

Maybe when I got time again. But her whole trickster part with the passive and W would be hard to implement. 

Working on Akali right now! 

you're probably working on the locked CHampions to be playable in p2

Sorry for the late answer.

I won't add currency and voices to the game. Right now I am quite busy, but I try to finish the 2nd player champions as soo as possible.

I think it would be better if you make the dialogs like undertale rather than voices

I added an android version, try it out!

In the future, will you add currency and voice acting ( for what I mean currency, heroes won't be free ._., you have to buy em sheesh, kind of a bad idea )

Why does the second player cannot pick poppy and others on splitscreen mode?

I didn't copy their code to player 2 yet.

Especially when I want to change something, I would need to change it in both codes. So I wait a bit before I make them playable for player 2, or I would need to make some steps multiple times.

But I will add them soon.

Oh, I see. I can't wait for the next update. :D

Is there a downloadable version with the new update? I really love this new updates keep it up.


yes there is, for windows, Linux and and mac!

Is the update not finished???

Bunninja's Ultimate Info is not yet changed and the slashes doesnt do damage, well atleast you did a rework and its he looks cool right now :0

It is just a visual effect right now, I also already reworked the cyber skin (but did not upload it yet)

Bunninja's ultimate goes throug ground too, just a feedback.

Thank's, yes I know. All projectiles can pass certain terrain-passages because I changed a bit. I will revert that because I already encountered performance issues with that change (which got better after I removed it)

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You should nerf I'ceat

His basic attacks do double damage to an enemy, and with enough Attack, he cant just kill the enemy with basic attacks :(

Notice that the "Hit"word is purple which is Red and Blue, I believe that Red is basic attack and Blue is skill damage, sooo i guess the blue is the splash damage...

Oh and also the range of his 1st Skill has long range, pls lower it a bit...

Oh, I think somehow the splash damage applies twice.

Normally the blue should be a bit transparent, it looks purple because now two of them spawn and overlap, so the opacity gets higher.

Might need to look at the code there. (I am not at home right now, in about 1-2 weeks I'm back.)

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