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Can you add another upgrade?

Right Now there is just Attack, Movement Speed, and Health Regen

Do you mind adding Skill Damage and change the First upgrade to Physical Attack

Skill Damage will improve the Damage of the Skill and Ultimate while Physical Attack improves the damage of the Attack/Basic Attack....

Example : Bunninja is like an Assasin so he depends on his Skills to Take out an Enemy so he will need Skill Damage Upgrade and a Bit of Physical Attack Upgrade because of his Slash and Stab Passive...

Example : Archer is you know a marksman, so he depends on his Basic Attacks, so she will need Physical Attack and a bit of Skill Damage to boost his Skill and Ultimate...

I hope this will be in the game in the future :)

thank's for the feedback.

I already thought about adding attack speed and cooldown reduction, let's see what I can make with the damage types.

The idea for Bunninja also sounds quite fitting, let's see what I can change. I actually planned a small visual update for Bunninja anyway. (More detailed model)


By the way,  I just updated my game.

Adding: Cooldown Reduction and Attack Speed in the Shop

Bunninja model rework and your ultimate suggestion (even though it looks pretty garbage right now)

It is not yet downloadable though, only in the browser version. Tell me what you think!

I expected Bunninja's Ultimate to be like this

A very fun game. We liked the pixel art style. VS the computer can get really hard sometimes

but VS friends it is really good.

Here is a (long) video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!


I really like your game, because I always wanted to play a game similar in genre of this game
Also, you inspired me to create my own pixelated moba-platformer game (do not count this for rip-off, there will be absolutely different heroes and design)
Thank you for creating this game!
I will put your name into description as the person, who inspired me to making my game! Sorry for my english and good luck ^^

Thank you for playing my game!

I also found my inspiration in a similar game called "Awesomenauts", tell me when you start the project, I am looking forward to play it! :)

I don't think that my game will be made soon, because I just started drawing sprites for the game, but as soon as I can post it here (or somewhere else) I will surely tell you about it! :)

P.S. My favorite character in your game is Belle ^.^

I know how long it takes to finish something, this game is in development since 2016 already ^^

(but with a few huge breaks in between)

Belle is also one of my favorites, but especially her head looks a bit odd and stiff (similar to Riven), need to change it a bit.

when the AI is the guy with the shotgun, the bullets don't dissapear until they hit you or your minions, and they just stay there until they are hit.

these are the enemy's bullets. (some were cleared by my minions)

Strange, normally they should disappear.

I'll have a look over it,  thank's!

I encountered that bug too, i was using Orianna in Rapid Fire, the AI was the shotgun guy, i was gonna engage but those floating bullets forced me to stay under the turret :(

what exactly does doom bot mode do?

It changes thing's like the bot's reaction to certain things and gives him more gold.

oh ok thank

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looks like the browser version is not working, and another bug (desktop) when i use bunninja on lightweight mode, im getting stucked on the ceiling when i use his "I".  And can you please remove the lock on the champs in multiplayer mode.

waiting for that poppy update, full support on you

Strange, on which system and browser does the browser version not work?

I just uploaded the downloadable versions again (sorry for it being so late, totally forgot it), tell me what you think of the new update!

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Please put a dowload link cause i like this game so much but i really need to download it so i can play it offline, and i like the new update your i hope theres more update too come keep it up... sorry for my english pal :D. My support is all yours.

Thank you for your support! I am so sorry that it took so long... but I somehow missed the notification.

I just added the download versions, try it out! :)

Yeah! Thank you.

You're welcome!


Hello, good night.
The game is too good the perfect gameplay just like the graphics to be in 2D. You have all my support and I would like you to make a Spanish version or some button in the menu before playing to select the two languages, in my school there was about 1 week ago an activity about videogames and I told you many of my friends and more people started playing, if you want I help you translate your information from English to Spanish, I love your project and I would like to help you, and I do not know if you would like it to help you, if you want you can write to my email or leave me the Yours and I write you more or less how the idea would be.
Thanks for your time ;')
Jesux23 ...!

VEry niCE

Thank you for trying it out!

Nice job!  Which engine do you use to make this awesome game?

Will you make multiplayer via Internet?

I used something similar like Game Maker (called Construct 2), so a simpler 2D enginge. I think multiplayer won't work now, since I would have to rewrite so much.

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In 2017 was premiere of Construct 3. Why you don't use it?

BUG: In single player jumping on middle button will make you flying when u didn't jump from it.

BUG:  At normal mode u can go into turrent as penguin.

(After using his I he/she jump forward )

Sorry for my English :)

I started my Game already before the announcement of Construct 3. Also, Construct 3 ist WAY more expensive Witz 90€ per year instead of 90€ one-time purchase like Construct 2.

As I am sure that I won't use Construct for that long anymore, it would not be worth it.

Hm, that First Bug sounds interesting, I'll need to test it myself.

The second one is known already, I guess I was too lazy to fix it since it is quite low impactfull. But easy fixable in less than 2 minutes.

Bug : the minion fell on the underground jungle(whatever that is), and the ai just keep shooting it even tho he is on the lane. and he just keep shooting it 

Thank you!

Yes, I also had that bug sometimes. Would be easy to solve by just destroying that minion in such a case.

(1 edit)

But thats my minion, I cant destroy it..

And can u please make the spell cast on where the mouse is pointing, THANKS!!

Yes, I meant that I can solve it by coding it so the minion will either jump/get destroyed.

Mouse directions for skills are in work, but it actually ended up to be quite complicated. Let's see.

This game is awsome, thanks men!! 


Stil Waiting For The Android version Of this Game haha. Hope That You Can Make An Android Version Of This Awesome Game ^_^ 



Also I Try the Android Browser Version Of this Game But It's A Bit Laggy.



Thank For Making This Awesome Game.

Me And My Friends Really Like This Awesome Game Thank U KingDanius

Keep Up The Good Work Bro! ^_^

Thank you for your support :)

Yes, it ja quite laggy because web Games have horrible Android support.

The only Problem is to make it work on Android, already implemented an Android version and I know how to make it work for Android. But I am struggling with performance problems right now.

Thanks KingDanius. I'm Gonna Wait Again For The Android Version Haha. Sorry For My Bad English haha. 

Cool game man ;)
Reminds me Awesomenauts.

Thank you!

That's were I took my inspiration from :)

Hello, Love the game but wish there was a way to play this with my friends at school with a laptop. The option to change controls would be great!

You may just download it on an USB stick and take it with you!

Is the browser version not working?

(1 edit)

Laptops doesn't have numpads so Player 2 can't use moves

But Player 2 can use a mouse if you got one instead!

Single player = P1 can use mouse

Multiplayer = P2 can use mouse

Didnt realise you could actually use all abilities with the mouse, mb :P

We tried it with mousepad but the control input weren't correctly registering (our school laptops are weird).  I'll bring a mouse next time, Thanks!

No Problem, I have to make it somehow visible in the game anyway ^^

Thank's for playing my game :)

Who thought out these controls? Absolutely Stupid lmao why would you have the abilities on jkli???

I did to make 2 Player on 1 Keyboard possible. But you can use the mouse or a controller, too!

Intented were 2 Attack keys, to make it possible for the player to Attack behind you while moving.

I tested many control ways but I though that this was quite fitting.

I love this new update!!! It's very reassuring that you are active, I was afraid you left. But, even if you leave we still support you!

P.S gotta love your creativity >:3

Thank you so much for the support! :)

Even more reassuring to know that there are actually people liking the game...

I worked on something different in the meantime, combined with the whole schoolwork I could not manage to work on this game. But I try to keep updating it!

Can u please link me the browser version cuz its not showing up for me. Also i REALLY like the game and would like to help with champ, map, balance ideas! I would install, but im on a linux laptop cuz im getting a new pc and my old one doesnt work.

Thank you for asking, the Browser Version is somehow broken and doesn't Work... But I will Upload one for linux!

Did you try using the new download version for Linux already?

Danius you should add TP,Flash,Ignite, those types of things. And when you kill someone it should say " enemy slain" or something like in the actual game. add player stats so you can have an account or something. and add a 3v3 mode with more maps perhaps make the map bigger. and have an actual shop. Other than this... this is the best 2d MOBA i've ever played and i really do hope you keep up with this game because it has lots of potential! Keep up the good work!

Thank you for the review :) !

I will try to keep Update the game and improve it, but I am already getting to the Limits of the program I Mare the game with.

Something like summoner spellsy and new sounds new Sounds are Always possible.  3v3 might be more difficult because of how I coded the game. I should have to rewrite a lot of the game.

A Profile ist also possible but I need to experiment with saving a bit ^^

Uploaded my new update with a new character :)

Please bring back the game here.

Do you mean as a browser game?

Yes, it was bugging earlier. I have to see if I can fix it now to upload it again!

But you can also download the game, too.

I prefer browser more

Okay it's done!

I re-added the browser version and did some minor new things! Read the new patchnotes which I released to get an overview of my new content :)

OMG KingDanius you're the man! <3

(1 edit)

Thank you for supporting me! :)

New update + character is out! :)

(1 edit)

The penguin (forgot his name) needs to be slightly nerfed in my opinion. Amazing work so far. Keep it up. Thinking about releasing this on Steam in the future? 

(1 edit)

I don't know, since Steam will now Release their Steam direct which will cost 100€ per game. Also, it will generally be more difficult to get in in there.



The new update + new character is out now ^^

Pretty impressive, usally i don't play 2D games but this one caught my attention, the enemy AI works very good, must have been hard work to code, keep it up! 

Thank's !

Did you encounter any bugs or so?

This is pretty cool, just played it for like 45min

Thank you, I'm you enjoyed it!

 Do you have anything to report maybe? Some bad experience or bugs?

No, the only thing I think could be added is a way to exit a game and go back to the main menu. (Because esc just pauses the game)

I added the restart function a while ago already and also did some huge updates in general ^^

Arel is pretty badass with his skillset. He's like a less hassle Foxy.

haha yes, but I think he is still a bit weak. Especially the trap.

Trap silences champs? Would that be a cool buff?

I just updated the game with many balance changes, especially to the archers big arrow to make it less a spamming tool and more powerful in combat! I'ceat got more slows and dmg over time but less burst. Raven Ulti and mobility nerf since the strike could basically kill you with 40% hp. Arel is not so clunky any more (less animation-times) and got a much much better trap now. (faster catching time and completely stunning now). Foxy got the collision of her skills swapped. The stun bullet now stops on minions while the fast shoots go throw them.

I can't play the game though.

Yes that`s strange, it does not load for me either. Try the download version while I fix it!

Did you try it again?

I uploaded a fixed version, but still only downloadable

This Patch in three words:
Archer's third skill.

Is it so broken now? xD

Just wanted to buff him a bit cause he seemed a bit underpowered compared to the others since I buffed everyone a bit to make it more dynamic ^^

I think Archer/Huntsman is dominating this game now since he can deal burts damage like crazy.

(1 edit)

Yes, I already nerfed his skills but it isn't online yet.

What do you think about my new character? ^^

It's still broken though. I didn't see the nerf. XD

Yes, because I didn't release the new version yet ^^

Still no update since last year. :/

Yes, I have very little time right now.

I also started a new game to work on, so I want to focus more on that one.

When I have more time I will continue working on league of pixels.

You could also try my 2nd game and tell me what you think ^^ (it's a 2 player fighting game)

Feels bad.

I started to work on LoP again and aiming to fix my spaghetti coding finally xD

Working on some different projects learned me new things to implement in League of Pixels.

Since I coded many things kind of random and unnecessary large (because it is my first game I ever worked on), I actually never felt to go back to the game.

Riven is already re-coded and the others are following today/tomorrow. After that, sound effects for each character will be added and also some new mechanics! :)

Thank you.
I'm waiting for a new champion. :D

Thank YOU for liking my game ^^

I hope I can soon start with new champs :)

Hey, I just released my new update ^^

you can read the patchnotes in the description

Very legit game. I am excited to see what you add next to this game.

(1 edit)

Thank you. Right now I am working on another game.

After that I will do something for this one again I guess.

You could check it out, too and say me what you think ^^

I added a new update, check it out :)

Nice. I am buying it soon. Great work.

Thank you very much!! :)

Did you test the new Fox character and her skin? ^^

I did. I really enjoy the new upgrade system and fox. I am a ranged fan anyways. XD

Dude, you should add description on the skills/spells and add more heroes (I hope you will add a Panda named "Boo" XD)

Yes I am looking forward to add more information on abilities etc but right now I am doing a small break from developing ^^

Thank's fot the suggestion :) A Panda sounds interesting but first I want to add a puppet master thing ^^

(1 edit)

Leveling and itemization should be really good. ^^

also it freezes when I already destroy the creep spawner.

You can press escape when it freezes to unfreeze.

It's there cause I wanted to add an end screen but didnt finish.

Idk why but Bunninja's ultimate is kinda broken.

Why is it broken and what way?

Doesn't it work or is it too weak/strong? After casting it, you can again click on the spell to teleport to the carrot's location.


Could you pass me the game file (the construct 2 project) I am creator can also help you if you pass pass this email thanks I can help you with the updates and please regards vipitgamerbr

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The new bots are looking great


thank you :) !

(3 edits)

Can I Suggest This!! :)


Can You add This awesome!!! Game on Android's Browser?? It will be better if this game can be play on Android's Browser because there's so many android users that really wants to play Pixelated League of Legends on android and I'm one of them! :)

And Thanks for making this game!!

This game is awesome!!!!

Thank you for your nice review! :)

I already thought about making it for android but I have only splitscreen right now ^^

When the first bot-prototype is finished, I will upload it to google play!


I finished my Singleplayer mode! You can play against a bot now ^^

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Absolutely beautiful game. Did you make it in HTML?

Thank you !

Yes it is in html5

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