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NEW UPDATE LIVE! Single Player Mode + New Underground Jungle and bushes! Gold and Item Shop! Jump Pad in the middle of the map! Play the new Champion I'ceat with his fire skin now!

[In Development] Last Update: 19.11.2016

(This game is currently under heavy development. It will be update frequently but the basics are more or less done already)

Don't forget to visit my channel to stay always up to date!

Game basics:

2D MOBA (Multiplayer OFFLINE Battle Arena)

If you open it, it will lead you to the Championselect Screen. Chose a Champion/Skin for each Player with the mouse and then press Space to get into the game!


Destroy the first turret to get access to the enemy base. Then push 5 minions into the enemy core to win the game!


Shooting Turrets on every Player's side

Minion waves spawning to attack the enemy tower


Player 1

  • Move - WASD
  • Attack - J (left), L (right)
  • Skill - K
  • Ultimate - I

Player 2

  • Move - Arrow Keys
  • Attack - Num 4 (left), Num 6 (right)
  • Skill - Num 5
  • Ultimate - Num 8

With "Num" is meant the number block on the right site of your keyboard!


Developer - KingDanius

Musik tracks - Eric Matyas ( )

More information

Published127 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags16-bit, 1vs1, arena, duel, Fighting, Local multiplayer, Ludum Dare 36, moba, rts, Split Screen
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player count1 - 2
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer


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Still no update since last year. :/

Yes, I have very little time right now.

I also started a new game to work on, so I want to focus more on that one.

When I have more time I will continue working on league of pixels.

You could also try my 2nd game and tell me what you think ^^ (it's a 2 player fighting game)

Very legit game. I am excited to see what you add next to this game.

(Edited 1 time)

Thank you. Right now I am working on another game.

After that I will do something for this one again I guess.

You could check it out, too and say me what you think ^^

Dude, you should add description on the skills/spells and add more heroes (I hope you will add a Panda named "Boo" XD)

Yes I am looking forward to add more information on abilities etc but right now I am doing a small break from developing ^^

Thank's fot the suggestion :) A Panda sounds interesting but first I want to add a puppet master thing ^^

(Edited 1 time)

Leveling and itemization should be really good. ^^

also it freezes when I already destroy the creep spawner.

You can press escape when it freezes to unfreeze.

It's there cause I wanted to add an end screen but didnt finish.

Idk why but Bunninja's ultimate is kinda broken.

Why is it broken and what way?

Doesn't it work or is it too weak/strong? After casting it, you can again click on the spell to teleport to the carrot's location.

It's too weak probably because of it's short duration. You should make it kinda bit longer I guess.


Could you pass me the game file (the construct 2 project) I am creator can also help you if you pass pass this email thanks I can help you with the updates and please regards vipitgamerbr

It's nice to finally see the option to fight a bot, you are doing great!


thank you :) !

(Edited 3 times)

Can I Suggest This!! :)


Can You add This awesome!!! Game on Android's Browser?? It will be better if this game can be play on Android's Browser because there's so many android users that really wants to play Pixelated League of Legends on android and I'm one of them! :)

And Thanks for making this game!!

This game is awesome!!!!

Thank you for your nice review! :)

I already thought about making it for android but I have only splitscreen right now ^^

When the first bot-prototype is finished, I will upload it to google play!


I finished my Singleplayer mode! You can play against a bot now ^^

I think I found a bug... when you walk towards and eventually into a wall the walk animation will keep going, even when you release the walk button :D

Thank you. Yes I know there are soooo many walk-bugs >.<

But I think I'll find something ^^

You should add a passive click attack

Hm what exactly do you mean with click attack?

I would replace all characters "J" and "K" abilities with a left-click, and then I would make the player face the direction the mouse is facing like here:

var canvasLeft = canvas.offsetLeft,

canvasTop = canvas.offsetTop;

canvas.addEventListener('mousedown', function(event) {

var mouseX = event.pageX - canvasLeft;

var mouseY = event.pageY - canvasTop;

if(mouseX < player.x ) {

player.direction = -1;

} else {

player.direction = 1;


}, false);

ah okay, I too know how to do it but when I implemented the split screen I thought it would be better without using a mouse to play.

Yeah, I see what you mean, but you should eventually think of somehow adding local networking. And if no other player connects you will just play against a bot that you've programmed :D

Yes, as long as I am allowed to dream.. :D

Incredible fun to play! Did you make it in Html5?

Thank you !

Yes it is in html5

Really!!!?? Thank you for making this because it is probably my biggest Html5 game inspiration <3

Now playable in the browser!

Try it without downloading!!