A downloadable asset pack

Included are following assets:

  •  Tilemap (16x16) with 3 types of surface (desert stone, sand dunes and cave floor)
  • Background divided in 3 (far mountains, closer mountains and bottom part for tiling)
  •  4 kind of rocks (2 big and 2 medium ones) and a cactus
  • Destructable wall animation (same color pallet as the rocks)
  • 13 types of items, some with different variations:

Stone (3), Wood (3), Gold Coin (animated), Copper Coin (animated), Gold bag, Health Potion, Cactus piece, Scorpion tail, Flower Red (3), Flower Purple (3), Dry Grass (3), Relic, Ruby

  • Scorpion enemy ( 4 frames in total)


  • Characters and HUD of the video are not included (only content of screenshot)


This asset pack is currently unavailable

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