The League of Legends Champion creator is NOT made by Riot and will NOT bring any profit for the developer. All assets used are in possession of Riot Games.

This project is purely a testing tool and a very early ALPHA version.


You can create your own Q spell right now, choosing from 3 images.

Adjustable right now are: 

  • projectile size, speed and acceleration
  • cast time and time to spawn the projectile after you pressed the spell
  • amount of projectiles and the time between them (volleys are not yet available)
  • setting a speedboost
  • setting a dash
  • walking path of the enemy dummy

Plans for future additions:

  1.  volley/spray
  2.  circle-path projectiles
  3. auto attacks
  4.   damage and resource calculation
  5.  bigger map/more areas
  6.  knock backs/pulls


W, E and R are likely coming a bit later, same with a saving feature!